Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Award from Sayang Suhana

Hmm..ada award la dari Ana..i humbly accept the award..gazillion thanks ya Ana...actually i'm not as that creative as yours..wat ever written just as my daily life goes on wit the Jenerals hahaha..anyway..thanks alot ya Ana..luv you..

As for now..i would like to pass this award to:

  • lemongrass
  • mak farhah
  • dayang
  • mama anis
  • SL

nanti kita pas pas lagi la ye...ok ta ta


Akak said...

Salam Emil...

You deserved it dear!

Thank you for visitng my blog, singgah lerr lagi jgn segan k.

Akak add link keblog akak yea..

emil @ mamamia said...

salam to you to Akak...i surely will come and visit you again dear..syok gi rumah Akak byk info...
well, same goes to me..i link you jgk...da